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A Church Family That Keeps Loving

It was a pretty simple decision to make Crow Mountain Baptist Church our home church for our family. From the time you walk in, you will immediately know that the entire family here at CMBC will love you unconditionally. If you’re looking for a family church, make Crow Mountain Baptist Church your choice.

The Wrinkle Family

What To Expect When You Visit…

Nothing but plenty of love, hugs, and smiles! Crow Mountain Baptist Church is the perfect choice for your family!

Come On In

Let's Meet Up

Come on into Crow Mountain Baptist Church. Enjoy your time with people just like you that love Jesus!

You'll find plenty of family's just like yours!

Raise Your Voice

Nothing pleases God any more than when we life our voices up in praise to Him.

We're a little traditional with a bit of contemporary mixed in!

We Love Children

At Crow Mountain Baptist Church, we realize how important children are to God's kingdom. From the very smallest all the way to our teens.

We have tailored ministries for all age groups in a clean and safe environment.

Listen In To A Message From CMBC

Grab any one of the amazing audio sermons and let it bless your inner spirit man. We are blessed to have a Bible teaching pastor and one who love you and Jesus with all of his heart. Come and visit with us here at Crow Mountain Baptist Church and see why you should make this your home church!

Invitation To Miracles

Who couldn’t use a miracle right now in their life? I know I certainly could use a few right about now. Listen in for an Invitation to Miracles.

Our Father – A Powerful Message From CMBC

Have you ever wondered who set the standards for all dads to follow? It should almost be a no brainer. Furthermore, in this audio sermon, you will be given the exact recipe that it takes to ensure you're being the very best father that you can for you and your family....

Groundless Fear – It’s Time To Get Rid Of It

Isn’t it time that you remove the fear form your life? Learn what you can do to get fear out of your life once and for all.

The Widow and Her Meal

Truly another amazing and powerful message that was delivered from the pulpit of Crow Mountain Baptist Church. I encourage each of you to listen in and be sure and share this with a friend or a family member. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dfgTyWrIaA&t=12s With...

Did you just ask Jesus into your heart?

We want to share with you in your new found life with Jesus. Get in contact with our pastor by using the form on this page. We want to make sure you receive the aftercare you need as you begin your new life with Jesus in your heart. Welcome to the family…

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