A Faithful Father

A Faithful Father

It truly does take a special breed to be a faithful father. Listen in to this podcast from Father’s Day at Crow Mountain Baptist Church. This will become one sermon you will want to come back to and play over and over again. Make it a part of your audio collection.

Great news, there is a simple answer. Without further waiting, let’s go ahead and listen to this amazing sermon.

Listen In To A Faithful Father – Get It On Google Play Now

I love our Android users. Now we’re making it even easier for you to listen in to the sermons from Crow Mountain Baptist Church. If you have an Android based smartphone, you can get instant notification of all new episodes that are released.

You will need to download the Google Play app from the Play Store. Then make sure and subscribe.

Follow the link below to subscribe to all of the audio sermons from Crow Mountain Baptist Church.


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