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Advancing The New World Order Agenda

Advancing The New World Order Agenda

Created by: Greg Hyatt

Advancing The New World Order Agenda

We are by all definitions living in some of the most critical times than at any other point of our nation’s history. What we are witnessing taking place is the advancing of the New World Order agenda.

We see this taking place in a variety of fashions as well as current events that are unfolding themselves on a daily basis.

In a recent sermon that was delivered by our pastor titled The First Seal, our pastor truly carves into some of the things which are currently taking place within our society.

As I sat in discussion with my wife this evening, the one thing I asked her is if the First Bowl has already been poured out in preparation of what will become the deliverance of the first seal as spoken of in the book of Revelation.

As the editor of the ministry podcast, I am blessed in the fact that I get to not only hear the message again in it’s purest form, but I get to do so from an editorial aspect. This is short means that I can stop and truly focus on each and every word that is being spoken.

If you will stop and truly examine things which are currently taking place in the world around you, you will see the New World Order agenda being brought out more and more on a growing daily basis.

Where Is The Evidence?

It’s a popular question that is asked from non-believers. It’s also one that is asked by those who enjoy mocking believers. You really don’t have to look very far or hard to see the very essence of what is being established by those who are in the elite and in control of both our government and other entities which make up both the Tri-Lateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. In case you have not heard of either of these, they pretty much control the governments across the world.

Those you see in charge such as presidents, princes, queens, and kings, are nothing more than the chosen mouthpiece for which these entities operate through.

This is why there is such a pushback on our current sitting U.S. President. They realize that he is not a willing player into their game.

In addition, you can witness the spread of the NWO’s agenda by visiting any of our public schools. Pay particular attention to the content of their libraries. What you will witness, is that books that used to be commonplace, have now been replaced with books that don’t look into any previous history. Now they have been replaced with literature, if that’s what you want to call it, that is of absolutely no benefit to causing our children to think in ways that promote growth, but rather lead them to become a follower of the groups that are being supported by the Socialist Regime that seems to be operating behind the scenes of our existing government.

The Numbing and Dumbing Down of Our Youth

Gone are the days when children were pressed and encouraged to expand their minds and to truly think through their beliefs. Here’s a classic example of exactly what I am referencing.

How many of you have heard of a group known as the “Flat Earthers?” Yes, there are actually folks out there who believe that the earth that we live upon is flat.

Why are people falling into these various groups such as this? It’s simple! It requires no reasonable thinking and formulating creative thinking as the paradigm has already been given. It’s more about being a part of a group, rather than being the free thinkers that used to exist years ago.

The same applies to those who latch onto the LGBTQ community. Is it really that they claim to be a participant of any of the individual communities that exist within this horrific organization? NO! It’s because it permits them to partner with an organization that provides them with a definitive outline and structure of how their life is to be lived.

When we begin teaching our children as young as five years of age that it’s okay to claim to be a different sex than what you were born, this is clear and definite indication that there is an entity that exists to truly change the pattern of thinking.

This all plays into the book that was written by Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals. If people will truly carve into history, you will also learn that one of Alinsky’s biggest fans and astute students was none other than Hillary Clinton.

Silencing Of The Conservatives

In the past two weeks, there has been more than 900 conservative and church Facebook pages and websites that have been taken offline by the various entities that exist claiming that they violate their community standards, yet the very definition of those standards have never been clearly identified.

You can certainly see the New World Order agenda coming into full-swing as we approach one of the most historical elections that have ever been held in the United States this November.

China is closely working with those who are operating within the Democratic party as well as other sources, such as George Soros. In addition, there is an extreme effort to destroy our Supreme Court and Department of Justice.

Can someone please explain to me when exactly the theory of innocent until proven guilty disappeared? Now it’s more about how guilty you are until you can prove your innocence. This was horribly displayed with the most recent confirmation of our most recent Supreme Court Justice, Bret Kavanaugh.

Our Nations Future

The very fiber and essence of the United States has never been more in jeopardy than it is right now!

There are countless amounts of organizations and people who are working around the clock to destroy us from within. All you have to do is to turn on the news to see this.

Parents Are A Thing Of The Past – The Government Knows Best

I promise you unless you have had a visit with DHS, you haven’t had the misfortunate pleasure of seeing how the government explains to you how they know more about the proper raising of your children than you do.

What’s even scarier, is the fact that this theory is pushed to our children in public schools. Sure there is a remnant of teachers who still believe in the old-school ways, however, they are a dying breed and certainly are having their jobs put on the line if they fall out of line with the propaganda that is being pushed.

Lining Up The Sheeple

Christians, I can only tell you to stand fast and know what our destiny is. However, it is important for people to see and realize that dangers that exist and are lurking out there waiting to devour us if given the chance.

If you want a very recent and classic case of lining up the sheeple, look at the events that are taking place in Venezuela and the human caravan that is making its way across Mexico and pushing towards the United States.

The people are being hurdled up and funneled across the land by the United Nations. Their people and equipment have been seen assisting the people making this illegal journey.

Stay Vigilant

While things are going to get very challenging here in the very near future, all we can do is to stay vigilant and to pray and seek refuge in Jesus. Our eternity has been bought and paid for with the blood of Jesus Christ.

But there are those who surround us that have no clue and are in for horrific times if someone doesn’t grag a hold of them and show them the light. If nothing else, give them a glimpse of the darkness that truly is upon us.


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