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are the end times upon us?

Are The End Times Upon Us?

Created by: Greg Hyatt

Are the end times upon us? With everything going on around the world currently, one would certainly think so.

With everything going on over in Europe right now, it would almost be difficult at best to think that we were not living in the end times.

In addition, there are certainly segments of the Bible, particularly in the books of Daniel and Revelation that would lead you to believe that we are.

However, believe this or not, this is just the beginning phase leading up to what we commonly refer to as the “End Times.”

What Is The Evidence That Supports We Are In The End Times?

It, obviously, should come as no surprise that there are a variety of opinions when it comes whether or not we are currently in the period of the End Times.

Let’s take a listen in to Dr. Michael and his take on how people currently view the period we call “The End Times.”

What people think about what is currently going on around the world isn’t restricted just to the Southern Baptist, but across all denominations that are in existence right now.

Worrying To Your Death – Literally

I have seen so many people who are literally worrying themselves to death in regards to what is going on.

In addition, people are beginning to isolate themselves even more than when we were in the thick of the Pandemic.

Dr. Michael Heiser provides a wealth of information in regards to varying opinions on “End Times,” you may want to check a few of those out for your reference.

I’ve been around plenty of people who often times will say “we are approaching Armageddon.”

However, even as dramatic as our current world events are, we have not yet entered into that time frame. What exactly does the Bible say in regards to this time period.

Take time to examine Matthew 24:29-31, notice that this does not take place until after the Tribulation period. So, in short we haven’t arrived there just yet.

What Should I Be Doing?

The very top thing you should be doing is praying. Be in prayer for the leaders of the world, the leaders in your church, and even more important is the leaders within your own home.

It should come as no surprise that things are becoming very challenging at best.

Everything from rising gas prices, the costs to feed your family, and other essentials.

Gone are the days of having extra left over from your paycheck to just go out and blow on anything and everything. People must now make good fiscal choices in regards to how they spend their money.

One of the last item’s that you should be focused upon is making sure that your personal relationship with Jesus is on the right path.

“Fear Not” Isaiah 41:10 is certainly a verse that you should be clinging too.

Calming Your Inner Spirit Person

There are a lot of things that you can do to help in calming your inner spirit man.

  • Listen to encouraging music
  • Turn off your TV/News
  • Fill yourself with encouraging and uplifting scriptures
  • Quiet time with Jesus in your prayer closet
  • Get out of your home (if physically unable to, turn on some nature videos with soft background music and put it on your TV,)
  • Limit your time on social media (it’s a timesuck and does nothing more than torment your inner man.)
  • Put more positive people into your inner circle

The above is by no means and exhaustive nor complete list, however, this should certainly begin to place you on the right path!

Myself and every member of Crow Mountain Baptist Church wants you to know that you are not in this alone. We are here to help you through these challenging times.

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