Battling Giants

Everyone has been battling giants from the beginning of time. Who remembers the story of David and Goliath? I know we all can remember that story from our Sunday School classes growing up.

However, did you know that we still continue to battle giants even in today’s times?

Everything from addictions, to bullying, lifestyles and more.

None of us is exempt from having to take on giants in our life. However, there is an easier way to successfully battle them. It is through the power which strengthens each and every one of us.

If you have ever wanted to truly learn how to overcome the giants in your life, whatever they may be, then I want you to find your quiet place and plug into this powerful sermon.

We can emerge victorious in battling giants in our lives, however, we must know how to enact the power from the one who gives us the strength to arise and be victorious.

Listen in as our pastor dives into another amazing sermon from our morning worship service from Crow Mountain Baptist Church.

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