CMBC Leadership

Meet the leadership team at Crow Mountain Baptist Church

Howard J. Kisor, Jr

Howard J. Kisor, Jr

Senior Pastor

Introducing Howard J. Kisor, Jr. Our pastor has been at the helm at Crow Mountain Baptist Church for 6 years now. We have never been more thrilled to have a man of his convictions leading us.

Brother Howard has been in the ministry for nearly 50 years now and is well rooted in his beliefs and provides sound Biblical teachings.

If you are looking for a church to call home, the CMBC certainly should be your move-in destiny.

Cody Bird

Cody Bird

Youth Director

Cody come to join CMBC in 2012. Cody has been a vital part of our church and later became a Deacon.

Effective May 2021, Cody is now our Youth Director. Cody has a true love for Jesus and for our youth. Cody has a larger than life spirit and every teen who comes in contact with him will forever have their lives changed.

Bring your teens to experience a new way to experience Jesus.

Jacob Skaggs

Jacob Skaggs

Music Director | Asst Youth Director

Jacob come to CMBC just a few short months ago. We learned of his awesome muscial talents and swiped him up to become our new music director.

CMBC is now becoming a learning church for those who are looking to enter various areas of ministry. Welcome Jacob to CMBC and love on him as we being to take on a new direction for our music department and our Praise & Worship service.

Jacob and his bride to be, Savannah, are wonderful people and are a joy to have with us. Lighthearted and eager to dig in and take the reigns.