College V. Christian

Everyone knows about those age-old battles: good and evil, LSU and Arkansas, and Marvel versus DC. One of the biggest battles I have found myself fighting is college versus the Christian walk. College is a cesspool of temptations. Between keggers, fraternities, and various clubs; it is a very different world from the parent supervised high school life.

Staying a Christian in college is a tightrope. It’s walking the line between knowledge and morals. In college, everything around you is grasping for our attention, be it the library needing you to study, the students asking you to parties and clubs and other distracting things, or even homework. With all of this so-called “College Experience” studying your bible, keeping in church, and praying becomes something that students just don’t have time for.

Sundays become more for doing homework or catching up on sleep, rather than the holy day that the Commandments require. Wednesdays become less for Wednesday night small group and more for the paper due at midnight. The sad fact is that many high schoolers who move away for college very rarely will attend a church with any sort of regularity.

Once I moved away from my parents I was sure that I would very rarely attend a church if I ever did. However, I found myself in a church. Yes, it was required for where I was living, but it is what led to me becoming a Christian while in college.

Staying a Christian in college is difficult, with the overabundance of temptations and education itself being an idol easily placed in front of God. Education is such a prominent force that is placed in front of high schoolers. Parents saying college is important and yet never do they think that we, their children, will put the school in front of God. The difficulty comes when we have a paper due at midnight on Sunday night and have yet to start it or have to proofread it but we are expected to be in church twice that same day.

It is hard to think about your child not being a Christian or not being in church every sunday no matter how well you raised your kid. But take it from me, a college student who is trying hard but sometimes fails, it is really hard. It isn’t that church is bad, or that there aren’t college ministries, but it is rather that college is busy and very rarely do the classes accommodate a Christian habit.

Preachers will always say to have a quiet time and to pray every day and for the corporate life where work stays at the office that will work. With college, however, most of the work is out of class. With a full class load that is about four to six hours of homework a night not including papers or other projects. With that and class times and work where is the time for God? It is hard to make time for him and I have to be honest I am not the best at it. Praying over meals will fall by the wayside when no one else in the Caf is doing it or your eating over a textbook doing revisions and readings and taking notes.

It is a conscious decision to focus on God each day. In college, it is difficult to remain focused on God when chasing the major for the job you want is what seems to be most important right then. Teens and young adults are not thinking about the eternal impact of their decisions. This lackadaisical outlook from us college students leads to a falling short for God. We are Romans 8:28 personified, and yet it isn’t until years after college that many will look at our actions with regret.

This is the problem with college. The college wants money, the students want to graduate, but God wants us to lay our finals at his feet; to ask his assistance with passing math or understanding history. God wants us, college students, to be with him and to trust him even in college. This is the time to find who we are and God wants to be a part of that, not for us to put college and our education before him.


  1. Thank you Jessica for this amazing article. We appreciate you sharing this and know that many will gain encouragement from this in knowing that they are not the only ones who are enduring this and that there is hope.

  2. Great essay! “It is a conscious decision to focus on God each day.” That describes our struggle very well. No matter where we are in life, we have to make time for God. I agree that college certainly brings an abundance of distractions, but it’s just as difficult in other times in life to make a conscious daily effort to build our relationship with God.

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