Daniel Chapter 2

Daniel Chapter 2 – The Dream

Well after all the Thanksgiving holiday festivities, Dawn and mom are back at their amazing Bible study. A miracle has taken place and grounds for everyone to stand and shout. We have finally found the necessary software to enable their podcast sound as though it was recorded in a studio. That’s right stand up and praise Jesus now! So after nearly 8.5 hours or meticulous editing, I am proud to bring you their newest podcast in their continuing series on the study of The Book of Daniel.

Listen in and experience the new and improved audio enhancements to their podcast.

Sit back and listen in to their study in Daniel chapter 2. Make sure and bring a pen and paper with you as you will want to take notes on this one.

Don’t forget to leave the ladies any questions or comments that you may have here on this blog post.

Enjoy and thank you for listening to Woman to Woman here on the ministry website of Crow Mountain Baptist Church.


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