Daniel Chapter 8 Part 2

Again the ladies are finishing up their study in the Book of Daniel Chapter 8 part 2. A continuation of their previous study. Still a few technical audio glitches in miss Mary’s vocal track, however, I think we have isolated the issue. Be praying for a financial increase so we can purchase another studio grade microphone for her to utilize.

Just another part of the technical world we live in. Occasionally, things will start to get weak and eventually not function to their full capacity. But there is one thing that is working, and that is these two ladies attention to detail in their current study of The Book of Daniel.

Enjoy continued listening of this dynamic series. If you have missed any of them, you can always go back through here on the website and catch those you may have missed. You can download them directly to your phone or tablet through the links on here, or download the Stitcher Radio app or subscribe in the iTunes Store.

Without further waiting, let’s continue to listen in on Daniel Chapter 8 Part 2.