Define Necessity

Is This How You Define Necessity?

How do you define necessity? When does it cross over from necessity to excess? All which are great questions and some that each of us should further evaluate in our live’s this upcoming year.

While the image used as the feature image for this post illustrates hunger in countries abroad versus our greed at Christmas, there is more that goes into defining necessities.

Define Must Have

What things go into what makes you define necessities in life? Is it the quality of life you enjoy, the food you eat, the clothes you wear, or the house you live in? While I certainly don’t deprive anyone from making advancements in life, I think that as Christian’s we should take a closer look at how each of us live life.

As each of us enjoy Christmas time with out families or attend a local service on Christmas morning, it is the preparing for that I want to take a brief look at.

I have to think that one of the most deplorable day’s that I know of has to be referred to as “Black Friday.” You know, the day when everyone seeks to acquire the most sought after products from big box retailers at a fraction of the cost and truly display our lack of human qualities that can bring out the ugly in each of us.

So when you define necessity, I want you to think about exactly what that means to you and your life.

There’s No Meaning

So we shop and we prepare to provide gifts to children and family members. We seek out the top name brand item’s and wrap them to our hearts content. The day comes to unwrap them, and to our surprise, there’s no appreciation for the hard word you put into acquiring what you thought would be that dream gift.

I see it time and time again. Always that level of disappointment because it wasn’t what someone what expecting nor wanting. Where did we go wrong? Why aren’t they happy with our gift?

It’s pretty simple to explain. It’s because they are unhappy with life. They know there are things in their lives that need changing and focus on the gifts they receive as a way to escape having to deal with the reality of that.

It’s a proven fact that from Black Friday through Christmas people across the world will spend billions of dollars in an effort to bring someone joy. Furthermore, people will go to the ends of the earth in trying to buy someone’s happiness. Isn’t that what really is going on?

We’ve Missed The Boat

I want you to think about this for a moment. As I write this, somewhere in our world, someone has died of starvation. Someone’s heart has been broken. Someone’s life has been forever changed.

Again, the image depicted deals with hunger abroad versus our greed. Yet there is substantial proof that this Christmas in America these very same item’s will happen. Someone has gone to be hungry, Whether it be in another city or state, it has happened. Quite possibly in the city you live in or in your neighborhood.

How many children this year have went without any presents under the tree while we attempt to provide all the presents for our own children? If Christmas is truly the season of giving, then why do these types of events still occur across America? It’s because we have placed the focus on ourselves and closed our hearts and eyes to those that are around us.

Planning For 2017

Our country has endured a great deal in the past several years. We have made it through another Presidential Election. Things appear to be making a change for the better. So each of us should begin planning now. Not for our own family but for those around us who will not experience the joy that so many will have this Christmas.

Many of us have comfortable lifestyles, we live in decent homes, have the appropriate clothing. Let’s make our focus about helping those around us who struggle to exist in life. Let’s focus on putting a warm meal into the belly of a young child who may not see a nutritious meal all year-long. More importantly, let’s focus on sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

We have the power at our fingertips to change the lives of millions. While that may seem exaggerated, it is true. The power that the Internet has in today’s world has proven to yield a variety of both responses and reactions. If you don’t believe me, just look back at this past election and how effective the Internet was in determining the outcome of the election.

Why aren’t we capitalizing on that same element to draw people into God’s Kingdom. There really isn’t any excuse. It’s a matter of getting involved.

Remember as each of us define necessity, let us not forget about those who have absolutely nothing and sadly appear to be happier than those of us who appear to have everything.

Those who seem to have the least, have the greatest ability to love unconditionally, while those of us who have been blessed and prosper this past year seem to struggle to smile. Do we see a small problem here.

We go through life talking about the struggles we have at our jobs. How we are so unhappy with how things are going and so forth and so on. Is it really the job? Or is it the mere fact that we have overlooked the blessings and provisions that God has provided to us.

Why Is That Business Open

I would like to switch tracks for a moment. With the exception of mission critical personnel, such as Police, EMS, Fire and hospitals can someone tell me why any business is open on Christmas?

It’s time to bring back the Blue Laws. While many interpret this as the selling of alcohol on Sunday’s, it actually goes further than that. Initially it also dealt with businesses being open on holiday’s and Sunday’s.

I think it is time that we make it heard across our State that all business, other than those required, should be closed on Sunday and certainly major holidays.

This whole mentality about satisfying the customer needs is nothing more than hogwash. This is nothing more than corporate greed. Pathetic! But on the flip side of the coin, the only reason they are open is because people just like us choose to visit and make purchases.

Would our lives be so dramatically changed if all retailers were closed on Sunday’s and major holidays? I don’t think so! One of the most successful business models is that demonstrated by both Chic-fil-A and Hobby Lobby. Both of these well-known entities are closed on Sunday’s and major holidays.

There is nothing that occurs in life that necessitates any retailer being open. It’s because we have empowered them to feel it necessary to be open on Sundays. Imagine the amount of families who will be impacted because their loved ones are unable to attend worship services because they have to work? Each of us have played a role in that.

Whether you choose to believe it or not, if you make a purchase on Sunday from a retailer, you are sending the message to them that they must stay open on Sunday.

I would love to see the outcome if everyone would stay out of all retailers on Sunday and see the immediate impact that would have. Imagine how many more pews might be filled up?

Just a little extra food for thought to focus on this year as each of us look into defining necessities. How will you define necessity in your life this upcoming year?

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Here’s another challenge. Imagine for a moment if every American would take time to rid their closets of item’s they either don’t wear or that may be too small. Can you for a brief moment imagine how many people across our country we could clothe? Certainly even more so with children’s clothing. If you don’t have children to pass it down to, bring it back to life for a little person who may not have any.

When we go to the store,think about the extras we buy for our own homes in regards to food? Why not take a little extra and buy a few extra non-perishable food item’s and place them into our church pantry.

There should be absolutely no reason for anyone within our church to have to announce we need food stuffs for our pantry. By mere observation, it’s apparent that none of us are suffering from malnutrition. Come to think of it, we probably could benefit from taking a bit off of our tables and helping to fill up someone else’s.

Let’s make that a priority this year. Let’s fill up our pantry until the walls are overflowing. God has blessed each and every one of us, let us show Him how much He has by doing what was a very simple scripture, but one that should make each of us think.

“If you give to the poor, your needs will be supplied! But a curse upon those who close their eyes to poverty.”

Proverbs 28:27

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