Evangelism – A 5 Part Series on Church Growth

What Is True Evangelism?

Listen in today as our pastor talks about one of the 5 characteristics of church growth. Today we covered effective evangelism and what it truly means to bring someone to Jesus. As we are growing closer to the second coming of Jesus, let each of us refresh our skills in what it truly means to deliver effective evangelism.

This is part one of a five part series. You will not want to miss any portion of these audio sermons.

Also, coming up! Our pastor will be starting another series on Revelation. This will certainly be another amazing set of audio sermons that will truly deliver a clear view of this book!

Our pastor truly enjoys being able to provide you with these online audio sermons. He’d love to hear from each and every one of you. Be sure and leave a comment or two for him below.

Also, coming very soon to the CMBC family, we will be introducing “Teen Fusion.” This will be a new podcast that is geared for our teens and young college students. Stay tuned for additional information and updates on that.

Remember, if you are listening to us via the Stitcher Radio App, please be sure and hit the “Thumbs Up” button at the bottom of the episode. This helps increase our rankings and the ability to deliver God’s Word to more people.

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