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Greg Hyatt
Destroying American Family Values.

How (W)alt Disney Is Killing Family Values

Created by: Greg Hyatt

For those who haven’t heard or may be living under a rock, (W)alt Disney is on a fast track to absolutely kill traditional family values.

So exactly what is it that Disney is up in the air about? Oh, let’s dig in and take a good long hard look at what it is.

The short of it is an argument of when it is appropriate to discuss sexual orientation issues in schools with your children as early as kindergarten.

If I had a quarter for every time I have listened to a newscast, podcast, or read an article in relationship about how children are now being allowed to choose their preferred gender and the school protecting them and not even communicating it with their parents, I would retire by the end of next week.

I want you to sit back and imagine this for just a moment. Imagine that your little Jimmy or little Jenny goes to school and decides that they all of a sudden want to be the opposite gender form which they arrived at birth as, then they are doing it at school under complete protection and privacy, and you have no authority to challenge or do anything about it. Think this isn’t happening? Take a look at this article, and I can find thousands more exactly like it.

So why (W)alt Disney? Basically, their employees who live alternative lifestyles have pushed for this to be put into effect. More importantly, they even want the iconic theme part to now start addressing people as “Dreamers” as opposed to boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, etc.

I’m almost sure that many of us have either taken our children or grandchildren to Disney or other places just like it. Why can’t we leave it alone and just allow people to enjoy it for the magic and vision that was originally established by Walt Disney. Why is it now essential to totally replace those core values with the LGBQT’s beliefs.

What Are The Ramifications Of This?

I just finished listening to the heart wrenching story of a family who was forced to allow their child to participate in taking hormone blocker’s. As a result of taking said blocker’s, this adversely affected their Pituitary gland that controls so many vital functions in your body as well as your mental stability. The child ended up having a major seizure and dying as the result. Can you even imagine?

What About Our Christian Educators?

Laws are quickly being put into place that would prevent many Christian educators from even talking to any child about faith based issues. Particularly ones that may be struggling with a gender identity crisis. This absolutely breaks my heart, not to mention how bad it raises my blood pressure.

Let’s be fair, it’s not like this just jumped into our laps from out of the blue. When we started passing laws permitting same sex marriages, adoptions from said married couples, to the current issues of children wanting to change the pronouns of which they want to be called has been going on behind the scenes for years.

Why? Because we as the church have sat by quietly and allowed our elected representatives to not do anything to prevent or block any further bills that have become law to bring us to where we at now.

Wanna bet me on that? I can’t tell you how many conversations I hear when I am out and about from so called “Christian Conservatives” exactly about this. I frequently stop and ask them “What are you doing to make sure it doesn’t happen?”

The look on their face is priceless.

Revelation Coming To Life

Sure, it is really simple to sit back and say, “well, it’s just the end-time’s” that we are witnessing. While I can agree with that in portion, what I cannot agree with is how quickly these laws are being crammed down our throats and basically being told there is nothing that anyone can do about this.

If you do go to your school and choose to fuss about it, you can quickly find yourself on an FBI watch list or being classified as a domestic terrorist. Don’t believe me, give a try and really make a concerted effort and find out how quickly they can turn your life upside down.

Go to a school board meeting and have a heart felt conversation about CRT (Critical Race Theory) and let me know how that pans out for you. Many parents who have chosen to make a stand against this have found themselves under the watchful eye of the 3 letter agency previously discussed. Take a look at this article.

How Can A School District Determine What’s Appropriate For Your Child?

Many 5 year old’s barely can tie their shoes adequately or truly know the basics of what they should know to enter Kindergarten like their ABC’s and counting to 10, yet are schools are wanting to provide them with immunity from their parents if they choose to change their gender at school?

Unless I’ve missed something, I’m not sure when they started raising our children and paying all the associated costs with that to provide them with this sort of untethered power.

Not that I support the lifestyle of those on the alternate side of what we deem as Biblically correct, however, if they are a consenting adult, the life they choose to lead behind the confines of closed doors is their choice. However, when you now think you have the power to discuss your sexual orientation with a child in school is nothing short of absurd.

You’re there to teach. For those who may have forgotten what this entails, let’s talk about the basics as many of us grew up knowing. Mathematics, Reading, Science, History, and others. There is nothing I have seen that would suggest that bringing educational materials into schools that address these issues such as Transgender’s, Pansexual, and a whole host of other affiliated names into it are required for a child to grow up and graduate.

Why The Confusion?

Geesh, I don’t know. Maybe, just maybe, it’s because people don’t know what to refer to one another as or how to address them without finding themselves in more trouble than they an shake a stick at.

Florida seems to be leading the way for this, however, I can assure you if we continue to act as though we are asleep at the wheel, we will find these exact same issues in our schools right here.

What About Your Child?

Sure we have one of our children who is an adult and claims to be homosexual. We love him with all of our hearts. However, we have made no bones about the fact that we do not support his chosen lifestyle and exactly what the Bible say’s in regards to it. We have done our part in providing our children with the truth, however, we cannot control their choices they make as they grow into their adult life.

I started this article out with (W)alt Disney killing family values. Primarily because it is the one topic that seems to be gaining the most traction in this particular news cycle.

I’m really hoping there are more people out there who are absolutely furious about the current state of places that were reserved for families, as well as our public school systems.

What’s even sadder, is now we are starting to see churches across the spectrum who seem to be changing their doctrines in order to provide a more “open” environments from the outsiders. Although, there is a large part of me that wonders if this was just a way of increasing their membership size or was it because they were nearly non-existent if they didn’t.

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