Is The Battle Of All Battles About To Begin

Is The Battle of All Battles About To Begin

It’s a timeless question that we have heard again and again. Is the battle of all battles about to begin?

With everything that is lining up in the Korean peninsula the way they are, one would certainly think so. While chilling in thought, it is also grounds for celebration.

While many may see this as being a little twisted, let’s think about this for a moment. Regardless of what side of the street or “beliefs” if you will, that you fall within, everything appears to be lining up for us to actually see this come to pass within our lifetime.

In fact, I am going to step out and say that I believe we may actually see this within the next 6 months.

I’m sure that you may be asking yourself exactly what am I basing my thoughts upon? Well let’s take time to examine some of the facts below.

My Thoughts On – Is The Battle of All Battles About To Begin


Most of us are all aware of the comments that have come from President Trump over the last several weeks and months in regards to the outcome of the persistence of North Korea’s leader continually taking actions that place the entire hemisphere dangerously closer to seeing World War III first hand.

While many have thought in the pass that this was nothing more than saber rattling by North Korea’s dictator, I am here to warn you that we have passed that point.

With recent developments in regards to the progression that has been illustrated by the North to further develop their capabilities to develop the delivery system that could deploy a nuclear tipped missile, it will only be a short matter of time before they can miniaturize it to fit on the tip.


In just the past couple of weeks, North Korea again test fire’s another ICBM that landed in the Sea of Japan. While that doesn’t sound like a long way to substantiate it being able to hit mainland U.S., you need to consider that if the trajectory of the ICBM had been lowered, the distance the missile would have traveled would have been great enough to reach well into the United States.

Whether or not you necessarily like or dislike Alex Jones, the links that he presents are those which have appeared upon many mainstream media outlets to correspond with what he is saying.

So how does this stack up with prophecy and what the Bible has to say on this topic that many people feel is long overdue in accordance with their perceived timelines of how this will unfold.

I would like to encourage you to watch the video below of Jay Sekulow, who is lead Council for the ACLJ and is also President Trump’s legal council as well. I believe they have this on lock down.


In addition, it’s not only about North Korea, it’s about the other countries that are close by who are watching this unfold with hawks eyes. The most obvious one is China. In addition, you can bet Russia in right there along with them.

However, there are those who are benefiting from the production of both the missile technologies that North Korea is developing. The first of these is Iran. If you think North Korea with nuclear capabilities is frightening, imagine what would happen in the event that a nuclear Iran becomes a possibility.

All in all, I am advising anyone who may take time to read this to please begin to make preparations for yourself and your family in the event that we find ourselves in a situation that many have feared to come.


Watch the above video and listen in to this young mans ideas in regards to who he thinks will be involved. Personally, I am going to agree with him. The way everything is panning out, I can see this being played out exactly.


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