Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine

For those who attended the Christmas Eve candlelight service, you will remember that our pastor talked about letting our lights shine.  So what do each of us do to ensure that our lights are shinning for Jesus?

So what exactly did Jesus mean when He said to be a light unto the world?  2 Cor 4:4

Each of us as a Christian and a believer in Jesus has a light that is placed within us.  This means that we carry His love, mercy and most importantly His forgiveness.  The way that we let our light shine is through our attitudes, words and deeds.  It is imperative that these items be the core of how we interact with each other.

If their is no light shining in our lives, either you have no personal relationship with Jesus or are not bringing Him the honor that He is due.

While many of us demonstrate a loving and gracious attitudes on Sunday, is the attitude that each of us reflect the rest of the week one that tells those who come into contact with us that we are children of a living King?  How many of you remember a song that many of us sang in Sunday School growing up as children “This Little Light of Mine.”

While many see this as something from days gone by, it is something that each of us should be singing to ourselves on a daily basis.  This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!

So indeed, we must strive daily to do our very best to let our lights shine for Jesus in everything that we do and everyone that we come into contact with.

While it may seem simple, but ask yourself this simple phrase.  WWJD!  Many became familiar with this saying as it used to be very popular in the past couple of years.  However, it still works for today!  When you are faced with a situation that may cause you loose your spiritual bearings, ask yourself that simple question.  What would Jesus do?

If we as Christians would take time to ask ourselves that when in situations that may be less than desirable, may very well prevent us from doing or saying something in which would cause our lights not to shine in the way that Jesus intended them to.

So in the upcoming week, let’s all strive to let our lights shine in a way that is pleasing to Jesus!

Tell us what you do to let your light shine for Jesus below.  We’d love to hear your comments and the various ways in which you incorporate Jesus into your everyday living.

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