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Live Streaming Issue Resolved
Live Streaming Issue Resolved
Provided to you by: Greg Hyatt
Originally created on: August 5, 2021

Great news. Our live streaming issue has been resolved.

For those who attempted to watch online this past Sunday, you realized that we had a fairly serious issue where we lost all of our outbound audio.

It started well and quickly went South, then totally out of the equation.

I was able to tell in my research today at the church, that the culprit was 3 drivers that were behind the event.

I was able to resolve by uninstalling the drivers then re-installing them.

Live Stream Tested & Working

As any good technician would do, I ran then entire process, as though I was actually doing a live stream to ensure that all aspects were functioning correctly.

That means that this upcoming Sunday, we should be completely back online for our morning Worship Service without any further issues.

As always, as technology advances and the ways in which we utilize it, there will be the times when things will go wrong. However, you can be assured that each member of the Tech Team at CMBC is dedicated to ensuring that we are able to quickly identify and correct any situation.