Looking For A Church?

If you're looking for a church, visit with us and call CMBC home!

Have you been struggling to find a church?

Finding Peace & Jesus In One Place

This is where to start if you're ready for a deep connection. With details on how to connect with Jesus, we're here to help you make new friends, rediscover the joy of life, and find the community you've been looking for in a local body of believers.

Make CMBC your home church.

Stay Current With Everything At CMBC

We realize that everyone nowadays are always on the move, especially if you have active kid's involved in sports or school activities.

We make it easy for you to keep up-to-date on everything that is taking place at Crow Mountain Baptist Church. That's why we know you'll love your newly found church family.

Everything from our Upcoming Events, latest Sermon Audio, or see what's going on in our new College & Careers class.

So if you're looking for a church, choosing to visit with us at CMBC is the right choice for you and your family.

Are YouNew Here
Are YouNew Here

If you're looking for a church, here's what you can expect...

At Crow Mountain Baptist Church, we place ourselves exactly where you need us and that is available to love you exactly the way that Jesus loves the church.

We don't just teach about the Bible, we live it out! Come and visit with us to see exactly why we should be your choice for a home church for you and your family.

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Times & Location

Sunday's Schedule
Adult Sunday School | 9:45 AM
Children & Youth Sunday School | 9:45 AM
College & Careers | 9:45 AM
Teen Fusion | 9:45 AM
Morning Worship | 10:45 AM
Eve Bible Study | 6:00 PM
Wednesday Evening
Kid's Bible Club | 6:00 PM
Teen Fusion Youth | 6:30 PM
College & Careers | 6:30 PM
Adult Bible Study | 6:30 PM
Times and Location