Making The Leap

The Lily Pad Is Safe

How many of us start to make a major leap in life only to change our minds and think the lily pad is a safer place?  I can’t begin to tell you the number of times that I have been there.

But just like anything else in life we can never experience the amazing things that God has in store for us unless we are ready to make a serious leap from our pad’s.  We can become comfortable sitting upon our stable float and watch the world go by but sooner or later even the lily pad changes its location.

There’s even a possibility that the lily pad can begin to sink while we are resting on it.  What then?  I suppose it’s a matter of sink or jump, right?

Many of us posses so many ministry gifts, yet we sit on our lily pad’s and never leap off of them to use them in accordance with what God has planned for each of our lives.  I see this so often in Christian’s whom I am friend’s with as well as many churches across America.  The amazing talents and gifts that God has given to people, yet they choose to keep them secret and to themselves.

I realize for some it can be a matter of feeling inadequate or like nobody will appreciate what you have to offer or what your talents or gifts are.  But here is something to remember, we are not here to please others nor to impress anyone.  However, we are here to serve a mighty God.

Just like I learned in our Sunday School class this morning, would you rather stand before the Lord and be able to offer Him your works or will you hold a pile of ashes in your hands representing the things that you haven’t done for His kingdom?

Whatever your talents and skills, Jesus is waiting for you to share them for His cause.

Will you continue to site on the lily pad or will you venture off of it and begin to take a leap of faith and let your ministry gifts truly shine.

Share with us below how you intend on sharing your ministry gifts.  We’d love to hear about them!

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