Making Things Right

Making Things Right

Today our pastor talks about making things right with God in preparation for next week’s communion service. We must begin making things right with God in order that we have our spirit clean and prepared to share in communion with Jesus Christ.

If any of us has any ill will towards anyone, it is imperative that we begin making things right. Don’t let another minute pass you by without getting your heart cleansed and free from anything that may hold you back from truly enjoying one of the greatest events that you can experience in your church. Communion!

Making things right with God will certainly remove any elements that may be hindering your spirit from truly being able to enjoy the potential blessings that Jesus has in store for you.

Also, have you joined us yet at “The Table?” It’s our new way of submitting prayer requests and sharing with one another. You can download the app to either your iOS or Android powered device. Remember that the special code is CMBC. We hope to see each and everyone of you on “The Table” Don’t worry if you don’t have a SmartPhone. You can join us on “The Table” from your PC as well.


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