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From the Pastor

 I was reading Thom Rainer’s pamphlet, “Leading a Post-Covid Church” this morning and was amazed at the projected changes that may develop. Let me share these with you.

1.) At least 20% of those who attended before the pandemic will not return to Church. Some will remain digital attenders, most will not return at all.
2.) More Pastors will leave vocational ministry over the next 12 months than any time in recent history.
3.) Churches will move to a new emphasis on conversion growth. Most church growth for the past three decades has been transferred growth. This must and will change.
4.) Churches will start more churches, many of them as micro-churches (congregations of 25-30 people).
5.) Two movements will grow rapidly: church adoption and church fostering. Unhealthy churches due to lost attendance will seek partnership with another church while some will be absorbed into a stronger church.

 I see in these predictions positive and negative trends. On the positive side I see seeking to win the lost as a growth strategy a good thing. Starting new churches is also a positive move. On the negative side I see the loss of smaller congregations and the merging of others as a challenging task to accomplish.

 Change is always difficult, but God can do anything, and we must trust Him for the outcome. As for our congregation, we will continue doing what we can to cope with the situation. Please continue in your faithfulness in giving and attending our services as you have in the past and we will overcome these tough times.

Brother Howard Kisor, JR.

Dates to Remember

Church Camp

This year church camp is June 13 through 17.


VBS will start on July 11 and will end on July 15.