Patiently Waiting on God

Waiting To Hear from God

There are always times in our lives when we are waiting to hear from God.  Whether it be for healing, prayer for a new job, stressful times in our lives and many other areas.  However, while we all are guilty of wanting to put God on a timeline, what we oftentimes fail to do is to merely be still and wait on God’s perfect timing.  While all of us want things to happen right now, since we have become accustomed to a right now world, this is most assuredly not the way that God operates.

God knows exactly when the timing is perfect to speak to us and answer our prayers.

If God Doesn’t Answer – Does That Mean He Isn’t Listening?

Of course not!  What it does mean, however, is that God knows us better than we know ourselves.  There could be a multitude of reasons as to why God doesn’t answer our prayers exactly when we think He should.  Usually, it because we aren’t ready to hear the answer that He has for us.

You have to remember that God isn’t Burger King and we can’t always have it our way!  While watching a trailer for a movie that myself and my family will see in August when it is released titled “War Room” is evident of where many of us should be.  That is in our prayer closets and truly seeking out the face of God and to hear that message that He has specifically for us.

Do you think that possibly God has already provided you with an answer to your prayer that maybe you didn’t hear or that you completely overlooked?  While we all expect the big super-natural healings and miracles, oftentimes the little subtle voice of God Himself goes totally unnoticed.  Sometimes you just have to be still and let God speak to your heart and soul!

I know that my prayer life has certainly not been where I would like for it to be, however, you can be rest assured that I am working on re-developing that special time set aside for nobody else other than God.  God is a jealous God and we owe everything to Him.  Why shouldn’t we be waking in the morning and making it the first thing we do to speak to our master?

And if we all would stop sitting around waiting for God to answer one of our specific prayers and be busy praying for others, when we least expect it, you will begin to start to see those unexpected miracles and answers to your prayers begin to manifest themselves in your life.

Sometimes We’re Our Own Worst Enemies….

Yes you read it right!  How many times have each of us wondered around and said “I don’t think God will answer that prayer?”  I know at one point or another we all have been guilty of this.  But let me ask you this.  Who are we to play God?  Why is it that we naturally place restrictions on to what God is able to do in our lives or the lives of others.  Could it possibly be that we are filled with doubt and insecurities?  This is the exact point in time when we must take ourselves out of the picture.  It’s about shedding ourselves 100% completely and relying upon God to meet us at every point of our needs and desires.

Can you imagine what life would be like when we begin to place our hearts desires completely in the hands of God?  Don’t you think that He knows what we want and when we are prepared to receive it.

Here’s a classic illustration to my point.  I have been a web developer for nearly 20 years.  My hearts desire is to be able to do this for a living and from home and at the same time be able to make enough money to support my family.  I have tried everything to get myself positioned in the right place, get noticed by the search engines and truly offer a unique product.  So I asked myself why God hadn’t opened up this door of opportunity for me?  Until now, it’s because God knew that I wasn’t fully prepared for what His plan was for my life.  He knew that I would have to endure some things in order to truly put me into a position of being ready to receive the great and amazing opportunity that would be presented to me.

A lot of time has passed since I made that aware to anyone.  And now doors are beginning to open up to me speaking to large groups, several people from large national companies are beginning to notice my work and people are spreading my site around like wildfire.  Is it because of anything I done?  NO!  It’s because I have sat back and allowed God to move on my behalf when He knew that I was ready for what I was about to embark upon.

Are You Truly Entering Into The Throne Room?

People have often told me that it is impossible to enter into the throne room of God.  I am here to tell you first hand that it is not!  In fact God welcomes us into the Throne Room.  But it is a matter of us being consistent in our prayer life and being willing to truly get into a one on one with the Father and to make Him the first priority in our lives on a daily basis.  Not just when we have a need or desire.  Once you begin to develop that interpersonal relationship and the type that God yearns for us to have, then and then only will you begin to truly see the manifestations that God has in store for you.  What do you have to loose?  Nothing!  But you certainly have everything to gain!

Take time to watch the preview for the movie “War Room” and truly see the amazing power of prayer.


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