Preparing for Battle

Preparing for Battle

With so much changing at such a rapid pace in our society as we know it today, we must being preparing for battle. Listen in today as pastor Howard Kisor, Jr., talks about preparing for battle. This is part of a series of messages. You will not want to miss out.

Remember that you can listen to our audio sermons directly from our website or download the Stitcher Radio App to your Android or iOS device and search for Crow Mountain Baptist Church and add us to your listening favorites.

For an update, we have completed the new stage project for our sanctuary and you can expect more exciting things to come in the future with that development. Make sure you visit back with us often as we are always making changes to the site and adding new ways for you and your family to interact with our ministry here at CMBC.

Make sure and share this with a friend or family member. You never know whose life it may change. Amen!

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