Reaching The Digital World

Reaching The Digital World for Jesus

Reaching the digital world for Jesus requires that we think outside of the box. For quite some time now, many churches who have had on online presence have been providing the same information. You can almost count on seeing the usual. They have an “About Us” page, “Our Beliefs” page and other standard things that you can see on thousands of ministry and church websites across the Internet. Having worked with several people and churches across America in how to strategically provide content, there is one thing that each are missing when it comes to truly reaching out to the millenials that we are hoping to bring into the church.

Often times we see such headlines as “Come and Join Us” or “Special Music” and so on and so forth. But have we explained how and what we are offering will be of benefit to those whom we are trying to gain the attention of? Keep in mind that the millenial group is composed of those who are on the move. They live visually and content that is engaging and contains eye appealing graphics as well as engaging material will keep them reading your information. So let’s dig in and start learning more about what is needed to reach those who are engaged in the digital age. And let me preface this with it is time for us to move out of the dust balls and get engaged where people are hanging out. If we expect to get them in church, we need to engage with them where they are located.

Most of us are already aware of the vast amount of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as a host of others. Did you know that our church here at CMBC has accounts on all of these? We need to draw people into our networks and begin to reach out to them. Now not everyone will like Facebook, nor Twitter or even possibly Google+. However, we must make it a point to re-train our thinking or should I say our way of thinking in how we can truly reach those we are looking to win over to Jesus. We already know that we have an amazing pastor at Crow Mountain Baptist Church, but do other people know this? Are you sharing how a message may have had an impact in your life? Have you shared how a particular answer to prayer changed you? These are all things that we need to be presenting here on the ministry website of CMBC.

So How Do We Begin Reaching The Digital World

It’s simple. We can begin by providing amazing content here on our ministry website. All articles that are written upon here are set to automatically post to the social networks that we have already set up for the ministry. I already know there are those out there who are saying “but I just don’t know what to write about.” To that I will answer with, “what about Jesus?” People in the digital world are looking for real articles. They want to know how having Jesus has impacted your life. When people can relate to YOU and realize that you are a real person with real life problems and how your faith in Jesus brought you through it, then they will begin to place more trust in our church and know that we are for real.

We all sit in this group and that group and talk about how we truly want to reach out to the world and claim each person for the Kingdom and certainly to help CMBC grow to the levels that each of us have envisioned. Let me say that it is not going to happen merely by talking about it. Our talk needs to be put into effective actions. There is so much potential that can be achieved and right here from our ministry website. You don’t have to be a scholar or even an English major to write articles that can have a major impact upon someones life. Can you imagine if you had written and article on here and maybe a couple of weeks later someone is giving their life to Jesus and then find you to tell you how your article impacted them and prompted their decision.

Not only will they benefit by making Jesus the Lord & Savior of their life but imagine what a boost in confidence it will have for you and knowing that your article was a tool that led someone to make a life changing decision.

You Can Be The Impacting Person Reaching The Digital World

That’s right! You can be the major impact that changes a person’s life. You can be the one who is reaching the digital world for Jesus. But it takes each of us doing our part. Here’s food for thought. Many of us subscribe to online publications. Why is it that we chose to do so? It’s because we enjoy their content they deliver. That being said, we also know that they deliver the content on a regular basis. So we develop a sense of urgency and expectation when it comes to reading our next dose of their content. It should be no different for our ministry website. We need to be providing content on a regular basis. You can also share any article with your friends through a variety of networks. I realize this may be new to many of you, however, I am here to help you get started.

Let’s get busy showing off why our church rocks and how we are moving in new ways to reach a world that so many are letting pass them by. In closing, the one thing you CAN count on is that if we don’t reach out to meet the millenials in a way that is comfortable for them, there is another church that will. Let’s start making an impact in the lives of those who might not otherwise have the opportunity of hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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