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Grab your favorite drink and turn up the volume and let your inner spirit man be blessed by this powerful message.

Reconciled – How Does Your Life Balance Out
Greg Hyatt
Aug 28, 2017
We're are very blessed at Crow Mountain Baptist Church to have such an amazing Youth Pastor for our children. This past Sunday, he delivered a powerful message about getting our lives reconciled for Jesus. It's more than book work, it's about Biblical work in our lives as well as those of others around us. Listen in to see how your life adds up on this awesome podcast from CMBC.

Reconciled – Have You Balance Your Life’s Budget With Jesus?



It’s important to keep things in your life reconciled. Many only think about their checkbooks when it comes to this term.

However, it is crucial to ensure your life is reconciled with Jesus. What have you done to straighten out your life?

Listen in as our Youth Pastor, Hungly Liu, delivers a powerful message about getting your life reconciled with Jesus.

Certainly a funny man, however, having sat and edited this dynamic message, it occurred to me how many people need to hear this.

Help Someone Get Their Life Reconciled

If your life is straight with Jesus, make sure and pass this along to your friends and family members.

Remember what our Youth Pastor talked about in the multiplying of numbers? You can have a dramatic impact on this here at Crow Mountain Baptist Church.

Do you part and let’s see the benefits reaped in for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Each of us have our parts to do, let’s all start by helping someone get reconciled for Jesus.