Revival What Is It?

Ask yourself this. Revival What Is It? That’s a really good question. Certainly one that each of us should be focusing upon with the passing of each day.

Many of us have been fortunate enough in our lives to have been a part of some of the greatest Revival’s that have ever taken place in this country.

Furthermore, we have been able to witness the countless lives that have been forever changed as a result of the great revivals of our times.

Are You Asking Yourself, Revival What Is it?

If you’re not, I highly encourage you to take time to listen to this amazing message that talks about revival and how we should be focused more upon it and trying to bring revival back to not only our churches, but our country as well.

Listen in as our pastor, Howard J. Kisor, Jr, brings you yet another powerful and moving message from the pulpit of Crow Mountain Baptist Church.

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