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significance vs success
Significance Vs Success
Greg Hyatt
May 4, 2022
There's a lot to be said about measuring the level of success that we have achieved. However, there is even more to be said in determining how significant we were in the lives of others.

Significance vs success can be measured in a multitude of fashions. However, have we been using the right measuring tools to determine it?

How many times have you heard someone describing someone else merely based on the level of success they may have achieved in their life?

We’ve all heard it at one point or another.

In addition, many people merely base their life solely based upon the level of success in which they feel they have achieved.

But wait….

We’ve been measuring it all wrong. It’s not about the success, but rather the level of how significant we have been in the lives of others.

Listen to this powerful message, delivered by our Youth Director, Cody Bird.

Significance Vs Success

We truly hope that you enjoyed this powerful message and that it causes you to re-evaluate the importance of being significant in someone’s life.

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