Slippery Slopes

Hang on! The Slopes are getting slick.

Everyone around our immediate area has become familiar with slipping and sliding.  Seems to be the norm over the past week or so.  Even those who are outfitted with the appropriate gear can slip and fall.

It’s no different for Christians.  While we can stay tuned into God’s word, Satan can interject a slippery path in our way.  Sometimes, you may not even see it.  Just as with black ice, you don’t know you’re on it until you start to slide out of control.

Even a dedicated Christian who stays in The Word must be sure and stay alert for slippery conditions.  Even in the best environments!  Satan is a crafty old buzzard and knows each of our weaknesses.

So just like when walking on snow and ice, we must walk with caution.

Even for those who may be adapt to inclement environments, caution has to be extended.  Because when you walk with no cares, it is then when the unexpected slip and fall occurs.

God had provided us with the ultimate walking cane if you will.  We call it the Bible.  It is much like ice melt.  It clears a path for us to ensure that we do not loose our footing and slip and fall.

So even when it’s sunny outside and you think the path is clear and free of any obstacles, you must continually rely upon the walking cane that He has provided to each of us.

Therefor, it is important that we stay rooted in His word and make sure that our footing is sound and prevents us from an unnecessary fall.



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