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Social Sharing for Churches

Social Sharing for Churches

Created by: Greg Hyatt

Your Thumb Required – Social Sharing for Churches

Social sharing for churches has become nearly as both important and effective as any means for sharing the Gospel Message as any other form of modern communication.

Several studies have been done across various denominations, and the one clear factor that played a huge role in the growth of their church was the implementation of social networking.

This is why you will notoriously see my post about “Sharing” content that we post to the church’s Facebook Page. Social sharing should be something nearly everyone reading this post is familiar with.

We all participate in it on a daily basis, whether it be sharing various items from our own accounts, or those of our online friends and family.

It’s is amazing exactly how much power you actually have in your thumb. Who would have ever thought that the day would come when you could achieve so much with the mere touch of a single digit of your hands?

We click on this, click on that, and share until we feel like we are almost shared out. But wait! Have we truly shared what matters the most?

Whoa, did I just go there? I certainly did!

Social Sharing for Churches Helps Grow The Church

While we are always going to have a variety of naysayers that exists, however, facts are that more and more people are going to visit a church’s website long before they enter into their physical building.

Whether you want to adherently admit to that, the facts are and have been statistically proven by a wide array of denomination associations.

Social sharing for churches has become the equivalent of the “Yellow Pages.”

People conduct nearly 90% of all their online searches from various mobile devices. Even the traditional desktop and laptops are slowing fading away with the power of the devices that many of us hold within the palms of our hands.

Even the two largest outlets of social networking and video sharing have grown as a trusted place to search for the content you are looking for. Whether it be on Facebook or YouTube, I promise you will find almost anything you go looking for.

Why Is Social Sharing for Churches Important?

It’s a little more complex than many of you may be thinking about. It not always merely us trying to share our content, however, us as a global boy of believers making a change a shimmer of hope for someone who may turn to social networking seeking answers.

All of us have at one point in time or another heard people make reference to all the negative things that take place on any social networking site. But this is where you come into play.

This is where you have a golden opportunity to be that beacon of light and to bring hope and joy into someone’s life. It all starts with the click of your thumb!

Are you starting to get a glimpse into the importance that each of you plays as a part of our church’s global mission to take the Gospel Message to the very outer edges of this earth?

Will you be the first to use your thumb today to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with someone across your favorite social networking platform?

Click on the share button from any post on our Facebook page and then go back 4 days later and see the results for yourself.

So let’s get busy with sharing God’s work. Happy sharing and let the thumb races begin….



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