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Social Sharing – You’re The Answer

Created by: Greg Hyatt
Submitted on: November 1, 2022

Believe it or not, your social sharing has a huge impact on how many people we can reach across the River Valley area.

It’s as simple as clicking on the “Sharing button.”

It’s that little half-mooned arrow that you will see on nearly every post on Facebook. You can make a huge difference.

Believe it or not, when you click on the “Share” button on any of our post that we put on Facebook, or on the ministry website, you have the power to help us increase our reach by thousands of views that may otherwise not have been seen by the general public.

Why Does Social Sharing Matter?

It’s really simple. The more times that any of our content is shared across the various social networking sites, the more outreach we have.

We’ve all heard the discussions here at church about “What can we do to help our church grow?”

Many people may not necessarily want to be involved in the normal outreach programs that we try to perform on a daily basis here at CMBC, however, you can do your part from the comfort of your home and your favorite device to access your social media from.

Just “Click It” (taken from the Nike mantra), however, it is true!

Do your part, click on our articles, sermon audio’s, events, whatever may appear. The more times these things are shared, the more reach we have.

Furthermore, the more times that Facebook or Google sees our content being share, it lends what is know as “Social Credibility.”

In short, this means that they know our content is quality and gives it a higher ranking in the search engines anytime someone is looking for something.

We’ve equipped CMBC with a variety of online tools that have the potential of reaching well outside of our area. The power of those tools are in your hands.

You Can Be The Difference – Start Sharing Now

That’s right! Each of you have access to some of the most powerful tools that can be afforded in any ministry.

Be that person who is a part of helping us to expand the ministry and outreach of what we do here at Crow Mountain Baptist Church.

The rewards are great! Just imagine Jesus looking at you when you enter into those pearly Gate’s of Heaven and exclaims a “Thank You” for helping to proclaim His message with the tools that were offered at CMBC.

The best part of Social Sharing is that everyone can do it! It’s as easy as clicking on a button.

If a minimum of 10 people would share each item that is posted on any of our social networking sites or even things form the website itself, you have give us a 5000% increase in how many people we are reaching.

Rather than us sitting around wishing for growth of our church, each of us can be a participant in it!

But it’s up to each of you to contribute and do your part!

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