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Technology Advancements

Created by: Greg Hyatt
Submitted on: August 6, 2022

Well it has been nearly 9 years since I began working on various aspects of the technology advancements that have been implemented here at Crow Mountain Baptist Church.

We tried many things, scrapped many things, found the ones that seem to work and have worked endlessly to continue our journey to ensure that our level of technology is providing for the needs of those who need to find Jesus.

Anyone who has every worked in an arena where technology continually changes realizes that this goes beyond a full-time job.

What’s Next On The Horizon

The technology advancements you have the opportunity to experience here at CMBC is almost like science, as it is a forever and continuing to evolve opportunity.

From the things we display on the screen for you, to trying to deliver our morning worship services to those who cannot attend and around the world.

I can honestly say that it started a bit rough from the early days of when I was using an iPad to try and livestream from, the moved to using my phone, to where we currently are today from having a flexible DSLR camera, and streaming tools that permit us to bring it all together.

Creating Multiple Views

Why are multiple views on the livestream important? Have you ever watched a presentation on YouTube or any other streaming platform where there was obviously only one camera and found yourself loosing interest?

It’s not because of the topic or presenter, but rather your inner brain controlling the outcome. This is in part because of the complex nature of the human makeup, our brains require stimulation. Once that stimulation has become lost, it will then shift into loosing interest that results in you jumping to something else.

I know you’ve see video’s that either have multiple camera angles or shots, if you will, that move their positioning.

This ensures that your brain doesn’t become to comfortable or stagnated and continues to focus on what is being delivered.

We are visual creatures by nature and when we can provide different views, our brains keep tune in. It’s just the way the our magnificent God created us.

Watch this amazing video below by Amanda Holden to see exactly what I am talking about.

By changing the angles and viewpoints, this helps to keep your brain engaged and to keep anticipating what may be next.

Why Lower Thirds On The Screen

We get asked this a lot from our local body about why it is necessary . Allow me to explain that for you!

First, almost everyone in our physical church body knows who is on stage and speaking or signing. However, this does not apply to those who are not members or frequent watcher’s.

Furthermore, we are required every so often throughout the course of our livestream’s to provide our license number to ensure we are not absorbing any content strikes against us.

In addition this, also, helps to keep your brain from becoming fixed to one view.

Our lower thirds have been evolving based on our needs and what I feel captures the attention of our viewers.

Finally, I have finalized a final look to those and I will be releasing them for you tomorrow morning during our worship service.

Sorry, I will not be providing a preview of those in this article, as I want them to be a complete surprise. Even more important, is I want to see who will notice and make any comments.

Our Goals Moving Forward

Needless to say for those who are involved with delivering technology advancements, most generally the goal(s) is to have an impact unlike anything else. That certainly is true for your tech team here at CMBC.

We want to blow the roofs off, we want to reach tens of thousands of people with the message of Jesus Christ.

We have no doubt that we are in the final days. Everything we do has a major impact and we want it to have an even greater impact of lives that we haven’t even seen yet.

Sounding off…..

Our audio is the one thing that we are constantly working on when it comes to our livestreams. It, too, is a major work in progress. Needless to say it’s an ever evolving process and one that doesn’t come cheaply.

We will need to upgrade our sound board to provide us with the tools that are necessary to deliver the sound to be as pure on our livestream’s as what is experience “in-house.”

I’m just going to be straight forward on this topic, it’s time for folks to truly dig in and dig deep to help us achieve that goal. The particular board that will allow us to go well into the next level of a quality production isn’t cheap. We are in need of a Behringer X32 or beyond.

The Hope of Our Future Livestream’s

What is critical is the ability to create what is called a mix-minus and stereo bus to bring the audio to a pitch perfect experience.

I’m not going to ramble on about this as it can get quite complex and I don’t want to frost anyone’s minds in here.

It’s really important that you know how hard your tech team is working for each of you and those on the outside who may be viewing us online.

Keep donating, keep supporting, keep encouraging, as what is happening in the rear with the gear is truly having an impact in peoples lives.

while you may not get to see the actual numbers of our outreach, trust me, they continue to grow on a weekly basis!

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