Sunday Sermon

Took a bit to get this one filtered out! As many of you may have been aware of, this past Sunday we were having extremely difficult network communication issues. We were not able to live stream to Facebook. That means we had to record direct to device. Plus, not being prepared for that, I was limited on storage which means the service was cut short based on available storage space. The wonderful joys of technology. At any rate, here is the recorded version for your viewing enjoyment.

At the very least, here you can watch and listen to Bro. Mack Hayden talk about his visit to the prison and the wonderful things that he is able to do within that ministry environment. After that you can listen to our Praise & Worship team deliver some amazing music. Sadly, the sermon itself wasn’t able to be recorded. So, say a prayer and hopefully we will be back in full-swing the coming Sunday to be live on Facebook as normal.