What do You See

What do You See?

Do you see a white man and a black man?  I utilized this scenario intentionally.  With the ever rising tensions that seem to be taking place across our country, I felt it was time to take this issue head on by the horns.  This is not a black man and this is not a white man!  These are human beings.  Let me say that again unless you did not read it correctly the first time.  These are human beings.

Let’s cover some basic facts for those who may have missed out on science or health classes.  The human body’s blood inside of our vessels is blue in color.  When you cut yourself, when oxygen hits the blue blood, it then turns it red.  Now there is no separation as to if this only occurs in a white man or a black man.  It is common amongst all human beings and from what I can tell, most animals that walk upon this earth.

For those who were not able to attend this past Wednesday’s Bible study, we are starting a Bible study starting from the beginning.  Genesis.  One of the first passages that we learned about was the fact that MAN was created in the image and likeness of God Himself.  Genesis 1:27

That being noted this would also suggest in a parallax way that one man is not greater than the other in stature nor presence, but rather that each of us have been create equally.  Equally in how we are viewed, equally in how we are treated, and certainly equally in how we will be judged in the Throne Room of God.  God is not going to separate the blacks from the whites, the Jews from the Gentiles, the Japanese from the Chinese.  He is going to judge us based on our own actions.  Actions of which we have total control over.

Political Correctness Has Killed America

The entire political correctness issue has killed America.  Let me go on further to explain that in more detail.  Let’s take the most recent events that are occurring in Baltimore which caused me to take on writing this article.  Now they are claiming that the word “thug” has become the new “n” word.  Now while I certainly do not advocate using the “n” word by any means, what does bother me is that what we are seeing is nothing more than individuals trying to cause a greater divide amongst human beings by isolating certain words which bring more attention to those who are failing to act in an adult fashion.

The last time that I checked the dictionary, the word thug meant brute, roughneck, gangster, person who forces themselves onto weaker individuals and the list can go on.

Can we find a way to rid ourselves of the need to change of how a persons actions are viewed without placing emphasis on the word that was used to describe their actions?  It’s beginning to look like this has become the social norm.

Freedom To Choose

Each of us are given a free will to choose what actions we will or will not carry out.  Whether in accordance with the Bible or in direct opposition to it.  God has never stepped in anyone’s way when it comes to making free choices.  That is not to say that it does not break His heart when He sees one of His children making decisions that certainly go in the direct opposite way of His holy word.

It does make me wonder how some people will respond to God when the Judgement day comes as to how they will justify their actions?  I have to wonder if God will accept the whole “but it’s because someone called me a name or placed me into a category” as an option to justify their behavior.  I personally doubt it.

The Ten Commandments have no provisions for the color of your skin!  It has to do with those whom were created in His likeness.

This means that it is going to apply to every human being.  Like it or not, each of us are going to be judged.  So rather than us spending so much time throwing judgements around down here, shouldn’t we be leaving that to the one who sits on the Throne?

We’re A Day Closer To The End

With actions like this taking place, along with ISIS and other world headline events is proof evidence of how close we are to the end and the Rapture taking place before we know it.  I only wish more people would wake up to this ideology and start making plans for that major event rather than worrying about which word will replace another to be used as a cop-out in support of their actions.

If we would only spend more time evaluating each of our own lives as opposed to trying to evaluate others, can you imagine what a better place this old world would be?  Well guess what?  God is watching and He is measuring exactly what our actions are and how we interact with one another.  Let’s start making a difference and start treating each other equally and look past the color a persons skins, their race or even physical disabilities.

The world will certainly be a better place if we all were able to do that!

Again, remember that each of us were created in the likeness of God Himself!  Therefore, there cannot be one that is greater than the other.



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