What’s Your Story?

Don’t Hide It – Share It!

We know that everyone has a story to tell.  Does that necessarily mean that we are looking for book writers?  No!  What we are looking for is people who are looking to share their faith via articles here on the ministry website of Crow Mountain Baptist Church.

We have made dramatic improvements to the ministry website that now permits those who are registered users on the website to submit their articles.

For those who have not had the opportunity of hearing my thoughts on what it takes to truly make an amazing ministry website, allow me to expand of some of those for you.

It’s Takes More Than The Basics

Many of you have seen ministry websites that contain the usual information such as an “about us,” “contact,” and “ministries” pages on some of these sites.  While some of them may be amazing, that is not what truly makes a ministry website shine and stand out.  What does it the content that they write.  What is content?  Let’s examine some of the points below.

  • Member submitted articles
  • Blog post by the pastor
  • Audio sermons
  • Life stories
  • Encouraging articles

These are but just a few of the ideas.  It truly is the articles of any ministry website that appeal and draw the attention of those who are searching for answers to some of life’s most challenging issues and situations that a person may be going through.

People relate to people who they feel represent themselves.  While we have the benefit of being believers in Jesus, there are those on the outside world who are looking for answers as to why they should do the same.

You have heard the pastor speak of the millennium’s.  This is the group who now, more often than not, depends upon and uses the electronic devices available to us today to find these answers.

How can we expect them to find them if there is no content for them to read?  This is where each of you come in and play a vital part of.

If we truly want to make the ministry website of CMBC about the people within the church, then we need to become actively engaged in the ministry of reaching out to those who are looking for Jesus via the electronic world.

Something to keep in mind.  Oftentimes a person will see out information about a church and its members online prior to ever stepping foot through the doors.  Let’s all start doing our parts in providing information to them that highlights our beliefs, our own pains and sufferings and how we have overcome them with the help of Jesus Christ.

Something to think about for just a minute.  I speak to the founders of Google on a frequent basis and we share relevant information on search engine results.  While speaking to them I asked for how many people within Pope County search for Jesus, finding Jesus, find a home church and other information.  On an average weekly basis for the last 41 weeks, there have been nearly 18,000 searches that are conducted on a weekly basis.  Of those searches only turned up 6 results to those answers.

Does that tell you what we need to be busy providing?  Not only are they looking for that information, but there are literally millions upon millions of people who are hurting and just looking for answers and someone who will listen to them, pray with them and be a  source of encouragement.  This is where writing your story comes into play.  People can leave comments on your blog post, and you can respond to them.  Imagine the huge door of opportunities that exist in being able to speak to someone about Jesus who might not otherwise be inclined to enter into a church building.

America is in peril and tens of millions of people who are just like you and me need people who are willing to step up and meet them in the cyber world to love on them and be a positive light in their life.

Now is your chance to be the light that Jesus wants you to be and to truly let it shine.


  1. When a person responds to any article, you can reply to them through a nested thread. It is amazing how you will be able to keep in contact with those who are reading your blog posts. Get ready to experience a ministry explosions at Crow Mountain Baptist Church and it is all because of your belief and commitment to helping grow the ministry website for the glory of Jesus.

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