When Tragedy Strikes

Why Has This Happened?

As many of you know, this past Friday both our pastor and his wife were involved in a motorcycle accident that was very tragic and for a brief moment turned and put many peoples lives on hold.

As many of you know, tragedy can strike when you are least prepared for it or expect it.  While tragedy itself is almost invisible and pops its ugly head up out of nowhere, when it hits close to home it can have catastrophic effects on the lives of hundreds of people.

There certainly can be a variety of reasons why God may permit a tragedy such as this to happen.  Could it be that He was trying to get the attention of family?  Could it be that He was trying to gain the attention of those who sit under the ministry of this person?  Could it be that He was trying to communicate a larger message and utilize this as a result?  We could sit and ponder this question for hours upon end and not necessarily come up with an answer that would put a justification nor answer to why such a tragedy as this was allowed to happen.

Pulling Lives Together

It’s always been my personal belief that when a tragedy such as this has happened that it was intended to cause those who surround the affected would pull their lives as a family closer together.  Now this does not have to be just the lives of those who are related to the victim but those whose lives may be forever changed as a result of the tragedy that was permitted to happen.  I have forever thought that this was a “Wake-Up-Call” of sorts.  I know for some this may seem hard to grasp and understand.  But let’s take another look into this a bit deeper.  Maybe it was intended to be a slap in the back of the head, so to speak.  Not just to those who are directly involved with the affected but maybe those who have never met the individual who are walking on the line of potential disaster themselves.

Maybe this was utilized as a way to communicate for some that they truly needed to re-evaluate their personal walks with Jesus.  Anyone who has ever heard any portion of the Bible being read to them has hear the old saying “life isn’t guaranteed.”  None of us know when we may be called home to meet Jesus.  Fortunately the divine hand of Jesus was with our pastor and his wife during this event.  What certainly could have been a much more traumatic event was circumvented by the hand of God Himself.  But lives have been impacted and a wake-up call has been issued.

The Outcome

While there will be a lengthy period of recovery physically and emotionally for both the pastor and his wife, this should open the eyes of everyone who have come to know the amazing people who recently came to Crow Mountain Baptist Church.  For some maybe this will open the eyes of those who have been living their life on the edge.  Maybe it will cause extended family members to pull closer together.  Maybe it will cause the ministry as a whole to truly come together as a complete entity and begin to work together to achieve the same mission and goal.

Each of us a believers should know that we are teetering on the edge of eternity.  The Rapture is but days away and at any given moment, Jesus could very well call His children home to be with Him.  However, until that glorious day happens, we need to realize that there is a global mission that still exists and that is bringing people to know the amazing power of Jesus Christ and to accept Him as their personal Lord and Savior.  Each of us have skeletons in our closets.  Maybe it is time that we begin to remove them and bring out lives into a full understanding of the Bible and to truly live our lives each and every day for the Kingdom and the mission at hand.

God intervened miraculously and for a reason.  Regardless of the reason, let this serve to each and every one of us to truly begin to re-evaluate our lives and to make the changes that we need to.  Remember, life is not forever and at any given moment it can be taken from us.

How has this impacted you and what are you going to be doing to change your life or offer Jesus as a true source of life recovery to someone you know.  Miracles have already been seen in this event.  Now let’s work together to use this event to bring a transformation into the life of someone we know who is close to us.


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