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Greg Hyatt
Why Do I Need Jesus

Why Do I Need Jesus

Created by: Greg Hyatt

Why do I need Jesus right now? For many year’s people have asked this very question.

Sadly, many people have taken on the attitude of “oh, there’ll be time for Jesus later.” What people don’t realize is that our time is extremely limited.

I by no means what to be a fear monger, but have you turned on your TV lately and listened to the news. Sure, we have all have heard about rumors of wars, but we are so close to a major global conflict that it should be raising the mental awareness to entirely new levels.

Why Do I Need Jesus – Because The End Is Here

While I am no expert, nor would I want to speculate on when I thought that the second return of Jesus is going to take place, but with the current state of global affairs, we are on the absolute verge of experiencing a level of despair that hasn’t been seen in this country quite possibly since the beginning of us being a country.

There is not doubt that things are becoming very serious when almost nearly every mainstream news agency is mentioning a global nuclear conflict.

Even the President has referenced it several times and the U.S. has made the acquisition of several hundreds of thousands of doses of the medication that helps mitigate the side effects of radiation poisoning.

The very picture that many of us have seen whether in movies or other places, is soon coming to our area.

While we as believers should certainly not live in fear, but we should certainly be busy about God’s business in trying to get more people to accept His son.

For those who truly know me, should realize that I am one of the few “Post Trib’s” within our church.

Have you ever wondered why people are so absorbed into the very things that each of us think are distractions? Thing’s like Tik-Tok, Netflix, Hulu, other outside activities that are associated with keeping us from focusing on things that should be an urgency in our lives?

This past Sunday morning, our pastor gave a message about organizing the church and how people need to step-it-up in how they help fulfill various positions and tasks that need to be done.

Our church has always mentioned about being “focus driven” on missions. Well guess what? The greatest mission field is at hand.

Just in our local association within our community, there are nearly 50,000 people who do not either have a home church, much less a personal relationship with Jesus.

What should that truly say to each of us about how we have not truly been busy about God’s business.

Trust me, I get having a busy lifestyle and understanding the many directions that people find themselves being pulled in, but if there’s ever been a more urgent time to be getting busy trying to bring people to Jesus, it is right NOW!

Where’s Our Outreach Right Now – Are We Doing Enough?

We have one of the best platforms available to be reaching out to those within our community and even those that surround us.

Right here on this ministry website. We can provide the platform necessary for people to be providing articles and thoughts about what and how Jesus has changed their lives.

People are hurting! YOU can be that person that provides them with an encouraging word, or provide an illustration of how Jesus helped you through a particularly difficult time in your life.

Folks, we have got to step up our “A Game.”

You know a lot of us bicker about our favorite collegiate football teams and how we think they could be better and how they should achieve it.

Now imagine if we took that same level of energy and put into seeking out souls for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Imagine how many more people we would actually have in our church.

Preparing For What’s In Store – Getting It Right

Again, with us being as close to an all out global nuclear confrontation, there couldn’t be any greater time to be bringing people into the Kingdom now.

People are going to be scared, unsure of the future, desperate, and a whole lot of other feelings that are running rampant through their minds.

We shouldn’t have any empty seats in our building at any service time.

I know each of us have heard our pastor talk about “Who’s Your One.” I think we need to change that to “Who’s Your Family.”

Furthermore, we need to be trying to reach out to the families of all the children who visit many of our programs, but are not in attendance themselves. I know that we have people dedicated to this. But we have to ramp up our efforts.

Right now, right here, should be the equivalent of what many of the older generation may remember during the old Billy Graham crusades. That’s the exact level where we need to be truly reaching out.

Who remembers the great “Tent Revivals” that used to take place so many year’s ago?

We need to plan on having a revival at our church. We need to make it an “Open House” of sorts and let’s pack the place and start brining in souls.

How Much Longer?

No one knows that. Just as the Bible say’s, nobody knows the neither the hour nor the day when Jesus will make His second return.

What I can tell you, is that we are so close to that event, that it should be setting off the alarms inside of everyone’s inner being.

The things I have heard in my dreams over the last month by itself, is more than enough to provide me with the confidence to say that the end of time is truly upon us.

I don’t have dreams like this.

Are We As Busy As We Should Be?

I want each of us, and trust me, I by no means am skipping out on myself. I want us to truly look into our inner being and ask “am I truly doing as much as I can?”

If there’s one area where I think churches across the country have missed out, it’s maximizing their efforts on reaching people through the various channels on where they spend so much time.

Let’s be perfectly honest. Just walk down the street, or inside a local mall or store.

What’s the one thing you can almost be guaranteed to see? That’s right, a person looking down at the mobile device. What should that tell you?

That means we need to be flooding all areas available to us with content of varying types to reach these people.

As I have access to a program that permits me to do some fairly in-depth research on local Google search results, the one that hits at the top of the chart within a 75 mile radius of our church is “how do I kill myself silently?”

That should raise the hair on the back of everyone’s necks. I certainly know it does on mine.

But on the flip of that coin, the other thing that is missing is articles to help lead a person away from those thoughts.

Of course, we all know who puts those thoughts into anyone’s head, Satan!

But trust me, unless you have ever dealt with a crippling addiction, you don’t fully understand how pulling different things can be.

It is easy for us to sit back and tell someone “just quit.” However, it is not that easy.

It’s a process! One that requires a great level of support, encouragement, and at times some seriously tough love.

However, we CAN be the person that provides that answer to someone who is hurting and in search of eternal peace.

We just have to be willing to give it to them.

Each of us has a role to play in the “Great Commission,” let’s band together RIGHT NOW, and start being that difference in someone’s life. Amen!

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