A fun, safe & secure environment where kids will learn about Jesus Christ, the Bible, Worship, Prayer and Relationships with God's Family and others.
At CMBC, our KiDS services are an in-person event where we work alongside parents and guardians to help kids know that God loves them, and wants to have a relationship with them. In fact, God loves every man, woman and child so much that he sent his son Jesus to take on everyone's sin (the stuff that separates us from God).

Only Jesus could settle the matter once and for all by paying for that sin through his death on the cross. This selfless act is called the gift of Salvation that everyone has an opportunity to receive to restore their relationship with God.

We do ask that you take the time to update your children(s) information each year. You can get printed copy at the church. Or you can access and print the form here.

Ted Modica, children's program director

Ted Modica

Children's Program Director

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How We Engage Kids Here At CMBC...

Through engaging, age-appropriate worship and activities, we work alongside parents to help kids lay their own spiritual foundation by teaching them about Jesus and the Bible so they can comprehend the straightforward truth that Jesus loves them.

At CMBC, our KiDS services are an in-person event.

Preschool Kids

We have everything your preschooler needs to start their understanding of God through singing and worship and other activities -- including snack time! We demonstrate to your child that church is a delightful place to be as they learn that God loves them unconditionally.

All of our kids ministries at Crow Mountain Baptist Church are meant to keep your child focused on Jesus and His plan for them.
Are YouNew Here
Are YouNew Here

Kindergarten & Elementary Kids (K - 6)

With engaging bible-based object lessons, prayer, singing, videos, and of course, games, we establish a setting where your child will have fun while they learn about God the Father, his son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Each week we learn something from all the wonderful teachings in the Bible -- God's words for everything needed in life.

We start with a brief game time then move into the classroom for our lesson time. During lesson time there are activity sheets for coloring during the scripture reading and object lessons, often followed by a video and Q & A time on the lesson.

We wrap up with prayer time where we talk with God about our concerns for each other and our friends.

We strive to connect each child with the firm foundation of God's unconditional love for them and the restoration of their relationship with him through Jesus Christ. This foundation will carry them through their adult lives and as they become the new foundational blocks of the church.
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Sunday's Schedule
Adult Sunday School | 9:45 AM
Children & Youth Sunday School | 9:45 AM
College & Careers | 9:45 AM
Teen Fusion | 9:45 AM
Morning Worship | 10:45 AM
Eve Bible Study | 6:00 PM
Wednesday Evening
Kid's Bible Club | 6:00 PM
Teen Fusion Youth | 6:30 PM
College & Careers | 6:30 PM
Adult Bible Study | 6:30 PM
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