Teen Fusion

CMBC teen fusion program is centered on the needs of today’s youth. The goal of our program is to help these young people develop a relationship with Christ and to prepare them to be citizens of high character and integrity.

Welcome To Teen Fusion

We want to welcome each of you to a new way to experience Jesus in your life. Teen Fusion is here to help you navigate your walk with Jesus, as well as navigating your way through life and school. We all know that each of you experience things along your way that you may need extra help with. We are help you to map out an effective plan for your life as you navigate and begin transitioning to the adult life.

Fusion Youth Director

Cody Bird

My wife Lyndsey and I have been members of CMBC since 2012. Lyndsey and I have been married for over 10 years now and have three children.

In 2014 I was ordained as a Deacon, I still serve CMBC in that role today.

At CMBC I have worked in both the children’s and youth ministries as a volunteer since 2012.

I’m a 2006 graduate of Western Yell County schools and a 2010 graduate of Arkansas Tech University.

I really enjoy Razorback athletics, camping with my family, and fishing.
Cody Bird


The leaders at Teen Fusion are dedicated to helping you in your daily walk with Jesus and truly gaining an understanding of your faith and how to apply it in today’s world. Whether that be at school, home, on the job or just hanging out with your friends.

Bible Teachings & Leadership

Teen Fusion provides solid teachings directly from the Word of God and teaches you how to apply it to your life.

Peer Fellowship

Enjoy studying God’s word with your peers. Fellowship that promotes positive interactions to help you throughout school.

Experience Growth

At Teen Fusion you’ll experience growth both in your personal life as well as your spiritual life. Come grow in a group that loves Jesus!
Jacob skaggs
Savannah Skaggs
Jonathan Willard

Being A Young Christian

Trust me when we say, we understand what it is like being a young Christian. Each of has been their as a part of our growing up and developing our personal relationship with Jesus.

Regardless of where you are now, what you’ve done, what you have endured, there is room for each of you here at Teen Fusion. More important, there’s always room at the table with Jesus.

Watch an incredible video that talks about coming from a rough life into an amazing Christian walk. We think you’ll like it.
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Times & Location

Sunday's Schedule
Adult Sunday School | 9:45 AM
Children & Youth Sunday School | 9:45 AM
College & Careers | 9:45 AM
Teen Fusion | 9:45 AM
Morning Worship | 10:45 AM
Eve Bible Study | 6:00 PM
Wednesday Evening
Kid's Bible Club | 6:00 PM
Teen Fusion Youth | 6:30 PM
College & Careers | 6:30 PM
Adult Bible Study | 6:30 PM
Times and Location