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Rumors of War.

Rumors Of War

Created by: Greg Hyatt

Rumors of war are appearing almost on a daily basis. All you have to do is turn on any of the major news networks and you can become bombarded with “war overload.”

With these rumors of war, many people are living their daily lives in a perpetual state of fear and concern. And to some extent, they have the right to do so. Regardless of your personal walk with Jesus, those people who are still young and just getting a start in life, or those who have small families are wondering what lies ahead for themselves as well as their families.

Conditioning The Mind – Getting Prepared

The very first thing that is crucially important is to ensure that you have the right mindset. Having the wisdom to understand what the Bible has to say about this is paramount to ensure that you don’t find yourself being completely overwhelmed.

What does the Bible have to say about these rumors? Well here it is below:

Matthew 24:6-13

The Great Debate – Is This The End?

Depending on your personal beliefs in relationship to what the Bible has to say in regards to the end of time’s, people struggle with the topic of a potential global conflict that may or may not result in using nuclear or biological warfare.

Some see the end of time’s taking place in or about the same time as any war that involves a nuclear conflict, while others seem to think that Christians will endure these horrific events.

But we’re not here to address that nor have a great debate on the varying opinions as to whether we are going to be a pre-tribulation type event or post-tribulation.

Keeping Calm – Enduring The Upcoming Storm

Truthfully keeping and remaining calm, regardless of what happens, is the ultimate answer to this issue. It’s not to suggest that you just ignore it and pretend it’s not going to happen.

In addition, why allow yourself to become so stressed out and worried, that you may actually miss out on the opportunity of being a blessing to someone who may never have heard about Jesus.

Furthermore, if you are a Christian and secure in your faith, then you should already know where you will spend eternity. Even if we do go to war, this is just a fast track ticket to get to your final destination.

Keep calm and do not be afraid Isaiah 7:4

Continuing Life – Pressing Forward

I can’t speak for anyone else, but regardless of what happens or is going to happen, I am going to keep pressing forward.

There is one thing for sure when it comes to dealing with rumors of war and that is the fact that other than praying for God’s divine intervention and perfect will be done, there really isn’t a whole lot that I can do to circumvent any of them.

I’m just an old school 80’s rocker who love Jesus. I have served in battle and know the outcomes of them.

What I can say with great confidence is that “Even though I walk the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

Go ahead and rock out with me and watch this incredible video from Stryper. For those who are much younger than myself, this was one of the first Christian Rock bands from back in my day. They are still slaying it.

Psalm 23:4

Lifting Each Other Up – Help The Struggling

For those who are strong in their faith need to be praying and helping lift those who may be newer in the body of Christ up. There are so many things that are quickly developing that can absolutely scare people.

It’s a proven fact that most people when they become scared begin to act irrationally.

Be the strong person they need and be able to share your faith with them and show them what God’s perfect word has to say about the impending and upcoming events that we may or may not have to deal with.

Go Big or Go Home – In It To Win It

I can confidently say with great confidence that regardless of what may or may not come to me, I’m in it to win it.

Regardless of whatever adversaries’ I may face, I will face them with God on my side.

There has never been any greater time in History than now to learn how to properly equip yourself with the full armor of God.

Ephesians 6:10-17

Calming Your Spirit

There’s no better way to calm a spirit of fear than by singing praises to Jesus. I don’t care if you can carry a tune in a bucket or now. Find your quiet place where you and Jesus can be alone and sing praises to His name and just wait and see how quickly He will calm the storms in your life.

I know it may seem odd at first, however, it does work.

Even if you are still struggling with this, then put in your earbuds or headphones and play your favorite brand of praise and worship music and allow yourself to just get lost in it.

There is nothing any better than fellowshipping with Jesus in this fashion, and the feeling of a renewed spirit within you afterwards is nothing short of simply amazing.

Are You Questioning Your Eternal Place?

With all of the rumors of war that are taking place, there really couldn’t be any better time to ensure you are right with Jesus than right now.

I want to encourage and invite you to come and fellowship with a body of believers that are willing to pray with you, cry with you, and help you to get Jesus into your life.

Did you just accept Jesus into your life? We’d really love to hear about it so that we can rejoice with you and share in your new found life. Be sure and click on the link below to tell us about it.

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